Need music for film/tv? Are you an artist in need of a song? We love writing music, in many styles, and would love to write something tailored to your project. Let’s get creative – We’re excited already!

Lady Pista

An artist that we’ve worked a lot with is Canadian-Tamil Singer/ Producer/ DJ, Lady Pista. Writing with Lady Pista is a blast, her music blends elements of Dancehall, Trophouse and World Music to create an original and addictive sound.

Here’s a track that we co-wrote for her.

Rise Up, Lady Pista x Hevi Levi – co-written by Space Park

Janet Myers,
Life Goes On

In 2019 we recorded, arranged, and produced Janet Myers’ debut country album, Life Goes On. Janet was a pleasure to work with, we had so much fun with these songs, and a couple tearful moments as the title track, in particular, gives us all the feels.