In a nutshell

Kat and Lisa have been writing music, performing, and developing their unique sound together for over 20 years. The Canadian duo created Space Park in 2016 as a creative play space to write and release music that makes them happy. Both musicians are songwriters, producers, vocalists and multi-instrumentalists.

Known for their catchy melodies, rich layers of vocal harmony, and sometimes quirky arrangements, Space Park’s musical style normally falls under the electro-pop genre, and often includes elements of jazz, funk and 80’s synth pop. Space Park has released two EPs, some single releases, and is currently working on a full length album.

Kat and Lisa also love writing songs for synch licensing and other artists. Their professionalism, friendly personalities, ability to listen and work well with others, as well as their adaptability and experience writing in many different musical genres has allowed them to work with both established and emerging artists, and has earned them repeat clients.

Space Park writes, records, and mixes their songs in their home studios in Ottawa & Toronto, Canada.

If you’d like to know more…

Kat and Lisa met in primary school and grew up singing together in choirs and playing sax and clarinet together in concert bands. In high school they began performing their original songs together as an acoustic duo, and eventually turned their duo into the full out rock/pop band Nova, playing over 100 shows including opening for Moist at the New Year’s Eve Gala at the Ottawa Congress Centre.

Musically, Kat moved on to play in other rock and alternative bands including Three Apples High and Ultra Violette, the latter headlining major Ottawa live music venues including Zaphod Beeblebrox and the Mercury Lounge.

Lisa performed in Ultra Violette as well, rock/alt band The Digital Fly, played sax in the horn section of R&B band The Crowd, and became musical director of the 24-piece Klezmer band A Touch of Klez. She studied music at the University of Ottawa, and later moved to Toronto to complete a Master’s degree in Music Composition at York University. There she began working as a freelance composer, writing music for indie short films and other projects.

The two joined forces again in 2016 under the name Space Park, at first focusing on writing and producing music for other artists, but then ended up releasing two EPs on the side. In 2020, the two decided that they truly enjoyed writing the music that came to them with no set genres or boundaries, and officially changed Space Park’s status from producer to recording artist. Currently, Lisa and Kat are working on a full length album, aiming for a release date in late 2021.

Kat lives in Ottawa, Lisa lives in Toronto – The two work on their music projects via Dropbox. Both are classically trained musicians: Lisa plays keys and sax, and Kat rocks out on guitar, bass, keys, and clarinet. Both sing for Space Park. One of them may still play an 80s red Yamaha keytar, but she won’t admit to it. (Hint: it’s not Kat)