Kat and Lisa have been writing music, performing, and developing their unique sound together for 20 years. They met in primary school and grew up singing together in choirs, playing wind instruments in middle school and high school concert bands. In high school they performed as an acoustic duo, and in rock/pop band Nova, playing over 100 shows including opening for Moist and the Barstool Prophets at the New Year’s Eve Gala at the Ottawa Congress Centre in 1998.

Kat moved on to play in other rock and alternative bands including Three Apples High and Ultra Violette, the latter headlining major Ottawa live music venues including Zaphod Beeblebrox and the Mercury Lounge. Lisa performed in Ultra Violette as well, rock/alt band The Digital Fly, played saxophone in the horn section of R&B band The Crowd, and became musical director of the 24-piece Klezmer band A Touch of Klez. While studying music at the University of Ottawa, Lisa was a recipient of the Jean-Marie Beaudet Scholarship “for showing outstanding promise in the field of music composition.” Lisa moved to Toronto to complete a Master’s degree in Music Composition from York University, and was a recipient of various awards including a Canada Graduate Scholarship. In Toronto, she began working as a freelance composer, writing music for three indie short films, one which aired at the Kingston Short Film Festival, and another written for a film student at the University of Southern California. She was also hired to set pre-written lyrics to a drum track for The Paul Telner Project, which aired on MuchMusic. Lisa was commissioned to compose a piece for concert band in 2009, and has written and arranged music for weddings and other occasions.

Both Kat and Lisa are classically trained musicians; Lisa’s main instruments are piano/synth and saxophone, and Kat’s are guitar, bass guitar, piano/synth, and clarinet. One of them may own a red Yamaha keytar too, but she won’t admit to it. The two have written and performed with their own bands, and have been hired as session musicians/vocalists for other recording artists.