micWe have a portfolio of songs that are available for other artists to record and perform. These songs are in various stages of completion – we have posted a few on this site, and more can be heard by request. We continue to add new songs to our portfolio on a regular basis.

If you want information on how to purchase one of our songs, are interested in hiring us to write a new song, or to hear songs that aren’t listed on this site, please contact us.

Samples of our songwriting

The Pheonix

Catchy, 80s inspired electro-pop

This song uses harmony to highlight strong, emotive lyrics. The trance-inspired bridge features percussive vocals and leads the listener into a final chorus reminiscent of fireworks exploding. This song captures courage through the pain of betrayal by the one most trusted. Rather than choosing a slow, heavy tempo to reflect the tragedy, we focused on power and inner strength, and how one can prevail.

Into Her Arms

Dreamy trip hop.

This song is in A minor, but the piano, strings, and bass avoid this chord for most of the song, creating a floating or wandering feeling with no anchor or solid ground. The rare moment the A minor chord is finally reached, there is a momentary sense of strength and relief, only to be lost again as the chords continue to change. Heartbreaking lyrics with soaring and percussive vocals set a trance-like stage with a heavenly bridge cocooned by angelic harmonies.

Let the Music Play

R&B-inspired jazzy pop.

This is a funky, jazzy, pop song featuring sax, an organ solo, tons of harmonies, and rap through the bridge.

That Body

Energetic dance club track.

This song pairs simple lyrics with a catchy riff, and an earworm of a chorus.